Zeed 4 OTT 4G + 24 months subscription

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Functional Features:

HD 1080p resolution support

HD video output

3000Channel Storages

Multi Languages Support

DiseqC 1.0-1. 1-1.2

Usals Motor Support

Record with USB PVR & Time Shift

Upgrade with OTA

USB 2.0 Support

Upgrade with USB

Multimedia Support

Upgrade with FTP

Ethernet Connection Support

Internet with WI-FI

H.265 HEVC



Brand New

Package included

2x Remote Control Unit (RCU)
1 x User Manual
2 x AAA batteries
1 x Digital Satellite Rceiver
1 x HD Output Cable
1 x Wireless Wi-Fi Adapter
1 x HDMI Cable


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