Terms of service

Terms of Service-privacy policy by www.iistar-korea.eu 

Who is www.iistar-korea.eu?

We are  ( www.iistar-korea.eu ) as an independent online shop in Germany, founded in 2016.

We sell and provide only the iStar Korea company products like digital HD IPTV receivers and subscriptions ( code ) for the devices.

We guarantee only the iStar products like receivers and subscriptions that they bought direct from us on www.iistar-korea.eu. 

We do not guarantee iStar products from another dealers.

Our services is selling iStar devices, iStar subscriptions and customers support online to worldwide.

Privacy policy:

ALL  personal data addresses of customer like , bank, Paypal, credit card information are strictly protected by us and will not use or process by third person or company. 

Selling and buying: 

We sell our products only on the Website ( iistar-korea.eu or www.online-tv.codes ).

After you success payment you will receive your goods through e-mail if bought a code, we will send your goods at the same day or next day if you purchase for device.


We accept the following payment methods like ( credit  cards, and bank transfer, sofortüberweisung ).

The purchase confirmation is different between the payment methods.



All yearly codes that they bought direct from us have a 12 months functionality guarantee to unlock the channels from the iStar- Korea devices.

We do not guarantee quality of channels in online TV or IPTV because it  depended on user  internet connection, user internet speed, user internet provider, which is different from area to another and provider to another.


All the devices that they bought from us have a 12 months functionality guarantee, every device have maximum 3 or 6 months free  IPTV or online TV  .



Every code will send through e-mail to the registered e-mail. We do not sent the code to another e-mail address.The shipment cost is free.


Every receiver will shipped through Insured DHL package to the registered deliver address by Paypal.

You can change the deliver address before you finished your purchase.

If you write wrong deliver address but you finished your purchase, you have to inform our service center through e-mail quickly as possible maximum at 1 hour.The shipment cost for devices please see DHL here

Return device and refund money:

If you receive a device not works, you have the right as customer return it at 14 day according to German law, but with the same state like you receive it from us, before you return the device you have to contact us through e-mail and then we will ask you to give us your Skype account to contact you through Skype and see the device display through the camera to support and inform you how to works the device if you do not know how use it.

We do not accept return the device if you do not inform and contact us before, specially if you activate the IPTV, online TV or ICAM function on the device, because after activate the IPTV, online TV or ICAM function, we can not return the standard period setting like the setting from iStar- Korea company.

After the device activation we can not accept the return and sell it as a new device to another customer.

After we proved the device that not works like have a problem or not activated IPTV, online TV, we will refund your money to your account at the same way that you sent the money.