iStar A9000 Plus 4G – The Best New Device Features.

Fantastic Android Style OSD Menu.

Ethernet & Wi-Fi Connection Support.

Fully MPEG-2, MPEG-1 Layer LI, II

Fully MPEG-4, H.264/AVC

Multi-Display Mode: 1080p/ 1080i /720p/580p /576i

Screen Format 4:3/16:9 Auto

HDMI 1.3 Supported Muli Lang.

Menu Screen Supported PVR (Ext. USB 2.0)

Multimedia Files Playback (By USB)

Upgrade Software &Update Channel Database Through USB 2.0 Port

Supported Ext. LED Display Control

Smart RCU Control TV Small and Compact Design

Support Full HD (1080P) Parental Lock



iStar A8000 Plus and A1600 Plus

  • Online TV function
  • WiFi connection
  • Lan connection
  • 2 Sat-dish connection
  • iStar Movies
  • iStar Series
  • Sport channels
  • Kids channels
  • and more apps

iStar S1, S10 Android 4K receiver

  • With Android system and apps
  • Online TV is already integrated
  • Internet Browser
  • iStar movies
  • iStar series
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

iStar-Android-S1 iStar-Android-S10





Online TV function!

The Online TV function is the same as IPTV function, both systems can unlock channels through the Internet. Only Online TV function the quality is better and has barely hanging which is common in IPTV.


How get your iStar-Korea receiver online TV function?

If you have not Online TV function in your iStar Korea receiver please do the following to get it:

Open menu > Upgrade > Online Upgrade > press the red button to start upgrade finish.

Than you can see the new function Online TV in your iStar receiver menu.

iStar X2100 MEGA

arrived and now in Market, new Design of MEGA chip-set


VFD Back light

OSD upgrad USB






iStar A2000 MEGA

arrived and now in Market, new Design of MEGA chip-set
double USB, tuner, OSD upgrade USB







arrived and now in Market, new Design nice view new model of MEGA chip-set
with more new function and

twin tuner, Internet, VFD Back light, OSD upgrade online, internal WIFI.






iStar A800 MEGA

Coming Soon on Market, new Small Design nice view new model of MEGA chip-set

Full HD 1080P