About us

About Our www.iistar-korea.eu Online shop

We are  ( www.iistar-korea.eu ) as an independent Online shop in Europe, founded in the begin 2016.

We sell and provide only the iStar Korea company products like digital HD receivers and subscriptions ( code ) for the devices.

We guarantee only the iStar products like receivers and subscriptions codes that they bought direct from us on www.iistar-korea.eu. or www.online-tv.codes We do not guarantee iStar products from another dealers.

Our services is selling iStar devices, iStar subscriptions and customers support online to worldwide.

What is iStar company?

iStar is the famous company in middle east and Europe around Digital Receivers technology.
iStar was founded 2006 working till now.
ISTAR is largest Digital TV Reception equipment manufacturer in Kurdistan and one of 10 largest in middle-east as ISTAR Tech and Satellite Systems by proof of national trade center. Our headquarter is located in Erbil, Kurdistan in which products for middle-east market produced.

All receivers has one year Warranty.
The company also provides engineering consulting services related to communication systems design and analysis, digital, software, and mechanical design services. In addition, all Digital Receivers is have modern technology.

ISTAR deals with most competitive markets in the world, and our products are very well known at Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East markets, used latest technology to enhance your operations and well after sale service. We professionally produce OEM/ISTAR labeling, provide best service, and shipping according world wide to our customers requirements.

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