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The Online TV function is an internet TV. has better quality and barely hanging.
Info.: Better picture quality display stabile is possible only through good internet speed.

iStar online TV Code ( subscription ) that shopping with us, so that the channels for online TV feature in better quality unlock for 12 months, 3800 international channels costs only 60,00 -70,00 EUR. If your bill address is in outside Europe,  if you buy it from inside Europe you pay also the German legal Tax or Vat of  %19 of the price.

Without iStar Online TV code the iStar device cannot receive channels online.

We offer the appropriate code for all iStar receiver models.

Online TV channels Information: 

17 Special Online TV channels, 841 Arabic channels, 142 Kurdish channels, 161 Persian channels, 244 Turkish channels, 161 UK channels, 115 USA & Canada channels, 118 German channels, 90 Netherlands channels, 123 France channels, 74 Sweden channels, 35 Denmark channels, 25 Belgium channels, 127 Italian channels, 69 Portugal channels, 100 Albania & Kosovo channels, 21 Bosnia- Herzegovina channels, 63 Russia & Ukraine channels, 32 Greece channels, 27 Norway channels, 13 Finland channels, 35 Romania channels, 59 Poland channels, 75 Bulgarian channels, 34 Hungary channels, 8 Estonia channels, 12 Uzbekistan channels, 53 Spanish channels, 37 Czech Republic channels, 26 Azerbaijan-Georgia channels, 10 Armenia channels, 71 Pakistan channels, 29 Afghanistan channels, 166 Africa channels, 64 India channels, 18 India UK channels, 6 Philippines channels, 36 Bangladesh channels, 39 Brazil channels, 17 Macedonia channels, 62 Yoguslavia channels, 10 Switzerland channels, 24 Morocco channels, 22 Israel channels.

After my code ( subscription ) Shopping can I exchange the code or give it back?

After your purchase we will send your code soon through e-mail,  we can not exchange for you or take it back.

This subscription code works on iStar devices and iStar online TV app on Android devices.


iStar Online TV Code

( subscription ) 12 months

with 12 months guarantee

NEW 3800 channelsiStar-online-TV-New-logo-product

60 – 70 EUR

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With buyer protection
  You will receive an email for your order maximum within 24-hours.  


If you do not have Online TV in your Istar Korea receiver please do the following to get it:

Open menu > Upgrade > Online Upgrade > press the red button to start upgrade finish.

Thank you can see the new function Online TV in your iStar receiver menu.

iStar-korea-online-TV code


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