D-Share Code

What is D-Share code( subscription )? 

D-share code ( subscription ) is a product from iStar-Korea company for unlock channels by satellite dish.

After my code ( subscription ) Shopping can I exchange the code or give it back?

After your purchase we will send your code ( subscription ) soon through email since the code is known for this reason, we can not exchange for you or take it back.


ISATR D-Share Code

( subscription ) 12 months

with 12 months guarantee

60.00 EUR

  You will receive an email for your order maximum at 24-hours.


How you activate the D-SHARE code in your iStar-Korea receiver?

Open the menu >











Upgrade >










Super Setting >










Active Code press ok >












change the type in Dshare >  the Switch to on >












write the your D-Share Code in Active Code >












and press connect to activate it, finish.












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